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Windschirm zum Aufstecken wind guard
  for portable forge F 600 and F 620made from stainless steel
€34.00 *
Lenkrollen zum Anschrauben für Feldschmieden set of rolls for portable forge
  for portable forgesset with 4 pieces, 2 with brake,delivery including fastening material.
€58.00 *
Lederflachriemen #Varinfo leather flat belt
  for foot operated portable forges or orther applicationsthickness about 4 mm, length on request (price in EUR/cm)
Content 0.01 meter (€15.00 * / 1 meter)
From €0.15 *
Montage Lederflachriemen und Schließklammer Mounting leather flat belt and belt buckle
  we assemble for you the leather flat belt and belt buckles individually according to your length specification.So you can be sure that the...
€9.00 *
Druckluftanschluss für Feldschmiede F 600 P compressed air connection for portable forge F...
  with valve and with debit regulation valve,to be fitted to the hearth sole instead of the ventilator
€97.00 *
Löschtrog 450x200x150 mm quenching bath 450x200x150 mm
  for suspensionof stainless steel (4301), for portable forges or gas forges, volume 13 litres
€167.00 *
Wandbefestigung für Löschtrog 13 l wall fixing for quenching bath 13 l
  fitting for 13-liters bath,total length 670 mm,made of stainless flat steel
€27.00 *
Satz Feuergeräte set of fire tools
€59.00 *
Spieß (für Feuergeräte) poker (for fire tools)
  length 600 mm
€15.90 *
Haken (für Feuergeräte) hook (for fire tools)
  length 600 mm
€15.90 *
Löscher (für Feuergeräte) extinguisher (from fire tools)
  length 600 mm
€25.00 *
Kohle-Schaufel coal-shovel with wooden handle
  dimension of the paddle ~ 235 x 125 mm,with wooden handle  ~ 220 mm
€12.90 *
Wechselrichter 300W DC/AC Inverter module 300W DC/AC
  for portable forges with 230V for operation via 12V battery or 12V electrical car system.
€69.00 *