Casting accessories

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Handfeger mit Holzgriff hand broom
  with coconut bristles,Total length approx. 45 cm
€3.90 *
Gießerei Erstausrüstung A1 initial equipment for foundry
  pcked in a stable mortar trough 40x70x30 cmThe equipment can be used to produce lettering, jewelry, works of art and small technical parts...
€552.87 *
Formsand, ölgebunden special moulding sand, oil-bonded
  in bags of 25 kg
Content 25 kilogramme (€1.56 * / 1 kilogramme)
€39.00 *
Regenerierungs-Öl für Formsand #Varinfo Regenerating Oil for moulding sand
  for reworking of oil molding sand
Content 0.5 kilogramme (€36.00 * / 1 kilogramme)
From €18.00 *
Talkum 500 g Talc powder, 500 g
powder 500 gFine talc to form the separating layer of the mold between the bottom and cope.
€7.00 *
Spezialgranulat zur Reinigung von Al-Legierungen special granulate for Al-Si-cast-alloys
  easy binding of oxids in the slagAddition quantity approx. 0.1%.
€9.00 *
Formersieb ø 380 mm Sieve ø 380 mm
  for sieving moulding sand,frame reinforced made of galavanized steel,extra strong iron wire, mesh size 3 mm
€49.00 *