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Divers auxiliaries

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Handfeger mit Holzgriff hand broom
€3.00 *
Flachpinsel Pro #Varinfo Flatbrush Pro
  Professional top qualityWidth 30 mm
From €3.20 *
Wurzelbürste coarse scrubbing brush
  wooden body, dimensions ~ 205x55 mm
€4.90 *
Temperaturanzeigender Stift (Set mit 5 Stk) Temperature indicating pen set with 5 pieces
  with calibrated melting point, The marking melts when the temperature grade is reached, this change from a dry to a liquid state...
€83.00 *
Flutsch 0,2 l Graphite Bonded Coating 0,2 l
  water-based, air-drying high-temperature and pressure-proof dry lubricant film,Temperature range -35°C to +600°C/-31°F to...
Content 0.2 litre (€100.00 * / 1 litre)
€20.00 *
Handblasebalg ca. ø 16 cm handbellow ø 16 cm
handbellow ø 16 cm beech wood, imitation leather brass nails and brass outlet, overall length approx. 40 cm
€46.60 *
Handblasebalg ø 20 cm Handbellow ø 20 cm
Handbellow ø 20 cm wood, beef leather steel nails and steel outlet, overall length approx. 50 cm
€46.60 *
Handblasebalg "Circle" ø 18 cm Handbellow "Circle" ø 18 cm
Handbellow "Circle" ø 18 cm smoked oak wood, real leather, steel nails and outlet, overall length approx. 53 cm
€47.50 *