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Digitales Infrarot Thermometer 1600°C Digital infrared thermometer 1600°C (2912°F)
  up to 1600 °C (2912°F),rugged design, easy handling.Delivery with protective bag
€99.00 *
Pizzaheber Pizza-Scoop
  made of stainless steel,handle made of robinia wood,suitable for all fire bowls.
€49.00 *
Abdeckung für Grillkugel #Varinfo Cover for Fire bowl
  made of 1.5 mm stainless steel,simple design
From €189.00 *
Ölkännchen Oil can 250 ml
  made from food-safe tinplate, not painted and therefore insensitive to heat.Pump station with two ball valves, which makes oiling possible...
€23.90 *
Grillspachtel BBQ-Spatula
  blade made entirely of stainless steel,high-quality wooden handle made of rosewood.
€9.95 *
Brennholz-Starterset für Grillkugel Firewood starter set for fire bowl
  Natural beech wood from sustainable forestry,incl. lighter made of wax-soaked wood wool
€29.00 *
Schmiedehandschuhe Blacksmith glove
  made of bend leather,cuff inside made of grey flame retardant fabric,seamed with KEVLAR® yarn
€19.00 *
Hitzeschutzhandschuhe Fäustling heat protection mittens
  made from Kevlar® / Paraaramidup to 500 °C contact heat, very resistant, usable on both sides
€24.00 *