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Protective clothing casting

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Schmiedeschürze Standard, klein, für Kinder blacksmith's apron small, for children
  strong leather (~ 2 mm)w x h approx. 50 x 65 cm
€21.00 *
Schmiedeschürze Standard blacksmith's apron standard
  strong leatherw x h approx. 70 x 90 cm
€54.00 *
Schmiedeschürze aus Rind-Vollleder blacksmith's apron
  full leather approx. 60 x 100 cm
€45.90 *
Segeltuchschürze mit Lederbauch blacksmith's apron canvas
  with waist protection cracked  leatherw x h approx. 80 x 100 cm
From €6.90 *
Hitzeschutzhandschuhe Fäustling heat protection mittens
  made from Kevlar® / Paraaramid up to 500 °C contact heat, very resistant, usable on both sides
€24.00 *
Hitzeschutzhandschuhe 5-Finger heat protection mittens 5 Finger
  kevlar®/paraaramid coarsely knitted glove, double knitted - terry, knitted wrist, optimum fitting, cutlevel 5, size 10, heat and...
€24.00 *
Gamasche aus Vollleder leggings
  made of durable leather with 3 buckles
€20.00 *
Schutzbrille für Kinder / Jugendliche protection goggles for kids / teenager
  width about 120 mm
From €4.50 *
Hitzeschutzhelm mit Scheibe Heat protection helmet
  made of high-quality glass fibre polyester with Aluminium visor carrier with cover plate and visor made of 1 mm transparent polycarbonate
€95.00 *
Schutzscheibe für Hitzeschutzhelm Visor for heat protection helmet
  made of 1 mm transparent polycarbonate
€12.90 *
Hitzeschutzhelm mit Drahtschleier Heat protection helmet with wire veil
  made of glass fibre polyester, with Aluminium visor carrier with cover plate and heat shield made of zinced wire cloth 500x250mm
€98.00 *