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Accessories forges

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Anschlussbox 400V/3-ph für Schmiedeherd Blacksmith forge plug in mounted
  Ready to plug in for connection with an extension cable CEE, Housing IP54 protected, with ON / OFF switch, CEE plug 16 A with phase...
€114.00 *
Druckluftanschluss für Schmiedeherd compressed air connection
  with valve with debit regulation valve, to be fitted to the hearth sole instead of the ventilator
€92.00 *
Löschtrog 760 x 170 x 200 mm quenching bath 760x170x200 mm
  for suspension, volume 25 litres of stainless steel (1.4301)
€180.00 *
Löschtrog fahrbar 125 Liter quenching bath 125 litres
  of stainless steel (1.4301) with 4 wheels, 2 of it with break, 780 x 400 x 400 mm
€450.00 *
Wasserbottich tub for water
  made of pinewood volume abut 60 liters, diameter 450 mm, height 600 mm with 3 hoops
€198.00 *
wall fixing for quenching bath 26 l wall fixing for quenching bath 26 l
  fitting for 26-liters bath or for suspending tool, length 800 mm, made of stainless flat steel
€26.00 *
Satz Feuergeräte set of fire tools
€56.00 *
Spieß (für Feuergeräte) poker (for fire tools)
  length 600 mm
€14.90 *
Haken (für Feuergeräte) hook (for fire tools)
  length 600 mm
€14.90 *
Löscher (für Feuergeräte) extinguisher (from fire tools)
  length 600 mm
€23.90 *
Kohle-Schaufel coal-shovel with wooden handle
  dimension of the paddle ~ 235 x 125 mm, with wooden handle  ~ 220 mm
€12.00 *
Feuerbegrenzung fire bordering
  for coal- and gas-fires width may be adapted
€54.00 *
Anhängebügel für Werkzeuge bow for suspension of tools
  for hammers, tongs for fixation at the border of the table, length 750 mm
€27.00 *
Kohlewagen coal box
  with 2 wheels can be placed under the blacksmith's forge, contents about 50 litres, width 500 mm, depth 680 mm, height 285 mm
€139.00 *
Verlängerungskabel Schuko (230V/1-ph), 5 m Extension cable
  Splash-proof coupling and plug, For permanent use outdoors as well as on construction and assembly sites
From €23.80 *