Variable-frequency drive

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Variable-frequency drive    with setpoint potentiometer, EMC filter and main switch,...more

Variable-frequency drive 230V/1-ph, 1,5 kW
with setpoint potentiometer, EMC filter and main switch,
easy programming and compact design with control panel,
Degree of protection IP66
The speed of an electric motor can be controlled with a frequency converter.
This means that the speed of smoke extraction can be adapted to the current combustion situation.
Advantages of using an FU:
  • Increasing energy efficiency (savings)
  • Reduced wear of components
  • Lower starting currents
Frequency converter instead of speed controller:
A frequency converter changes the frequency of the current and thus the speed of the rotating field - ideal for speed control.
The technically clean solution ensures lower power consumption.
A simple "dimmer" for incandescent lamps is often used as an inexpensive speed controller. These "dimmers" do nothing other than not allowing a certain part of the sine curve to pass through. "Dimmers" cut the phase on or off. There is a lot of slip and the speed fluctuates greatly. With this method, the overall efficiency drops significantly and almost as much electricity is required as in nominal operation. Furthermore, the engine will wear out more quickly.

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