raw piece for hammers

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raw piece for hammers    forged from C45, punched,  Surface untreated, not...more

raw piece for hammers 0,55 kg
forged from C45,
punched,  Surface untreated,
not hardened,
approx. 25 x 25 x 115 mm,
Size of hammer-eye approx 25 x 14 mm
This forged blank is ideal for forging your own hammers.
The raw piece for hammers is perforated and thorned perfectly according to DIN and after grinding or forging only has to be hardened according to your own ideas. (hardening instructions in the download area). Depending on the processing, it may happen that the eye has to be thorned again after forging. For this we recommend our hammer thorn (item no. 518726)
These special tools are forged in the blacksmith Reising in the heart of the lower mill district in Austria to the highest quality standards.
... and who wants to learn more about Peter Reisinger and his family business finds more informations here.
One picture shows all blanks as a size comparison, only 1 piece is included in the scope of delivery.

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