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Thinning tools

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Dengelset scythe set
  consisting of: scythe hammer, scythe anvil and scythestone
€43.90 *
Dengelhammer einfach scythe hammer one peen
  0,5 kg with ash handle
€20.69 *
Dengelhammer zweifach scythe hammer two peens
  0,5 kg,  with ash handle
€20.69 *
Sensenwetzstein scythestone
  260x36x15 mm, Original SILICAR, grit size 220
€6.90 *
Dengelamboss, flach, kurz scythe anvil, edged
€21.80 *
Dengelamboss, spitz, kurz scythe anvil, pointed
€21.80 *
scythe anvil, L-plate scythe anvil, L-plate
  long spike,  1 kg total length ~ 470 mm
€50.00 *
Schlagdengler scythe tool
€52.00 *
Ersatzhülse I für Schlagdengler Replacement shell No. 1 for scythe tool
  22x43 mm (1 ring)
€16.90 *
Ersatzhülse II für Schlagdengler Replacement shell No. 2 for scythe tool
  22x43 mm (2 rings)
€16.90 *