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Spare parts Proforge

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Boden-Schamottestein hearthplate
  PF202 for proforge PF 200 300 x 180 x 12 mm
€40.00 *
Ersatz-Isolierung komplett reliner kit (complete)
  PF201 for Proforge PF 200 firebox, soft door, cushion, gasket, hearthplate, consisting of the parts 202 +203 + 213 + 220 + 221 + 222 +...
€298.00 *
Piezo-Zündeinrichtung komplett piezo ignitor, complete
  PF205 for Proforge push button, cable 250 mm, electrode
€38.00 *
Tür-Isolierung soft door liner
  PF203 for Proforge PF 200
€30.00 *
Tür-Handgriff aus Holz wooden handle for door
  PF204 for Proforge PF200
€12.00 *
Gasverteilerrohr PF210 gas tube
  PF210 for Proforge PF 200 support for two brass gas jets (PF212)
€26.00 *
Auflagebügel PF211 steel bar stock support
  PF211 for Proforge PF 200 stainless
€10.00 *
Messingdüsen PF212 (Paar) brass gas jets (per pair)
  PF212 for Proforge PF 200
€11.00 *
Brennerdichtung gasket
  PF213 for proforge PF200 (between forge manifold burner and forge shell)
€8.00 *
Blechseitenteil, rund, mit Öffnung metal end cap with port
  PF218 for proforge PF200
€38.00 *
Blechseitenteil, rund, ohne Öffnung metal end cap without port
  PF219 for proforge PF200
€29.00 *
end cap fiber refractory without port end cap fiber refractory without port
  PF220 for proforge PF200
€49.00 *
end cap fiber refractory with port end cap fiber refractory with port
  PF221 for proforge PF200
€54.00 *
Isolierung unter Bodenstein hearth plate cushion
  PF222 for proforge PF200
€15.90 *
Gehäuseisolierung, rund firebox
  PF225 for proforge PF200
€230.00 *