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Keramik-Chips lose per kg ceramic chips (aluminium oxide), bulk
  density 3,5 g/cm³per kg
€6.00 *
Keramik-Chips 25 kg ceramic chips (aluminium oxide) 25 kg
  packed in a bag,Density approx. 3.5 g/cm³(aluminum oxide)
Content 25 kilogramme (€5.76 * / 1 kilogramme)
From €144.00 *
Kastensieb für Keramik-Chips seive for ceramic-chips
  insidedimensions 390 x 245 mm, 8 mm
€62.00 *
Erweiterungseinheit Connection for one more gas bottle
  fitting for german gas bottles 11 kg and 33 kg,high pressure tube length 0,4 m and connecting T, to connect one more gas bottle.
€63.00 *
Anschlussgarnitur 4 kg/h 50 mbar SAV connection kit with regulator 4 kg/h, 50 mbar
  flexible hose 3 m, with hose burst safety device, gas regulator for 50 mbar fix, gas debit 4 kg/h,with Safety overpressure shut-off valve...
€345.00 *
Gas-Steckdose 1/2" gas-socket 1/2"
  for quick-connection
€64.00 *
Metallschlauch 1,5 m metall hose 1.5 m
  for gas plugfor connection of gas forges
€89.00 *
Digital-Temperaturanzeigegerät temperature indicator
  digital, up to 1200°Cwith sensor element 3x200 mm
€167.00 *
Digitales Infrarot Thermometer 1600°C Digital infrared thermometer 1600°C (2912°F)
  up to 1600 °C (2912°F),rugged design, easy handling.Delivery with protective bag
€99.00 *
Verbindungsstück AG GF x RST 10 mm connection AG GF x RST 10 mm
  male  (W21,8x1/14-LH) and pipe 10 mmfor the connection of regulators (GF) to gas pipelines
€9.50 *
Verbindungsstück AG GF x RST 12 mm connection AG GF x RST 12 mm
  male  (W21,8x1/14-LH) and pipe 12 mmfor the connection of regulators (GF) to gas pipelines
€9.50 *
Euro-Set für Gasflaschen European Set of adaptors for gas bottles
  consisting of 4 adaptors,for connection of pressure regulator with German connection to the common gas bottles on the European market
€25.00 *
Übergangsstutzen Nr. 1 adaptor no. 1 for gas bottles
  for countries: Italy, Switzerland (Vetta Gas)AG KLF x AG M 10 x 1 male thread
€7.00 *
Übergangsstutzen Nr. 2 adaptor no. 2 for gas bottles
  for Greece, Italy, Austria,  und Slowenia (Liqui, Butan, Agip, Mi, Pibi)AG KLF x IG Ital.A (W20 x 1/14 LH female thread connection
€7.00 *
Übergangsstutzen Nr. 3 adaptor no. 3 for gas bottles
  for countries: England, Finland, Island, Norway, Portugal und Sweden (Primus, Pibi, Kosan)AG KLF x AG Primus M 14x1,5 male thread connection
€7.00 *
Übergangsstutzen Nr. 4 adaptor no. 4 for gas bottles
  for countries: Belgium, UK, France, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg, macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,...
€7.00 *
Verbindung US-POL auf GF-Regler connection US-POL to GF-regulators
  for gas bottles with US-POL inside threadto regulators with german big-gas-bottles-inside-treadfor countries: CZ, DE, DK, NO, PL, PT, SE,...
€18.00 *
Dichtung für Regler mit Kombianschluss sealing washer
  between regulator and gas cylindersdiameters 18 mm / 7 mm, thickness 2 mm
€1.00 *
Stutzen D 4 adaptor D 4 for gas bottles
€10.00 *