Protection goggles + Helmets

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Schutzbrille protection goggles
€24.00 *
Vollsichtbrille full-view safety goggles
  shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses,wide flexible textile strap ensures a firm fit,for a very wide range of applications: Liquids / Dust /...
€17.00 *
Schweißerschutz-Clip WE3 für Schutzbrille clip WE3 for protection goggles
€16.00 *
Schutzbrille für Kinder / Jugendliche protection goggles for kids / teenager
  width about 120 mm
From €5.00 *
Visier als Augenschutz Visor for eye protection
€38.00 *
Hitzeschutzhelm mit Scheibe Heat protection helmet
  made of high-quality glass fibre polyesterwith Aluminium visor carrier with cover plate and visor made of 1 mm transparent polycarbonate
€98.00 *
Hitzeschutzhelm Phenol Heat protection helmet
  Professional quality made of phenolic textile synthetic resin,very good heat resistance, for a short period over 1000 °C,extremely...
€86.00 *
Helmhalterung für Hitzeschutzhelm Aluminium visor carrier for heat protection helmet
  made of aluminium,robust professional quality,Secure fit on the helmet thanks to a strong tension spring
€29.50 *
Schutzscheibe für Hitzeschutzhelm Visor for heat protection helmet
  made of 1 mm transparent polycarbonate
€20.00 *
Drahtschleier für Hitzeschutzhelm heat shield for heat protection helmet
  500x250 mmmade of zinced wire mesh
€24.00 *
Hitzeschutzhelm mit Drahtschleier Heat protection helmet with wire veil
  made of glass fibre polyester,with Aluminium visor carrier with cover plate and heat shield made of zinced wire cloth 500x250mm
€99.00 *
Gehörschutz für Kinder (blau) Ear protectors for kids
  high quality, SNR 26 dB
€13.20 *
Gehörschutzstöpsel Neon Earplugs
  made from polyurethane foam materialhigh quality, SNR 36 dB
From €0.26 *