Standard tongs

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Kniezange 300 mm Band jaw tong
Band jaw tong
From €18.00 *
Halb-Rundzange 300 mm flat and round mouth tong
flat and round mouth tong
From €18.00 *
Flachzange 300 mm Flat tong
From €18.00 *
Dornzange 300 mm Pick up tong
Pick up tong
From €18.00 *
Nietzange 400 mm Rivet tong
From €21.00 *
Rundzange 300 mm round mouth tong
round mouth tong The round mouth tong is made for round workieces.
From €18.00 *
Döpperzange Single pick tong
Single pick tong
From €18.00 *
Schossmaulzange 300 mm square mouth tong
square mouth tong
From €25.00 *
Wolfsmaulzange 300 mm Wolf's jaw tong
The wolf jaw tong is for universal use. You could hold flat, round and square workpieces with this type.
From €23.00 *