Metall Design international 2006

Metall Design international 2006
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Metall Design international 2006 yearbook Verlag Hephaistos by Peter Elgass, bilingual...more
Metall Design international 2006
yearbook Verlag Hephaistos
by Peter Elgass,
bilingual german and english,
232 pages, 458 colour photos and drawings,
dimensions 21 x 29 cm
Like good wine matures with increasing number of years, HEPHAISTOS Yearbook also matures from edition to edition. Readers all over the world may look forward to the eighth edition of Peter Elgass' "Metall Design International", because a long-cherished wish is now coming true: The brilliant pictures of works by outstanding artists and designers will be printed in four colours throughout for the first time. "Metall Design International 2006" once again meets the expectations of the book title. After a long absence, a metal designer from the United States is represented again with John Medwedeff. In actual fact, it has been his turn for a long time already: For more than twenty years, he has been presenting large sculptures for the public space as well as small works which have an effect rather more in obscurity.
Two exciting "new-comers" are Adam Stachowicz from Poland and Patrick Boutillier de Saint André from France. 35 years old Adam Stachowicz from Gdansk is a "designer in trade" in the truest sense of the word, because he is not afraid of handling materials, such as glass, wood or stone, although he started his career in the metal field, and he is also an exceptionally gifted draughtsman. The works of Patrick Boutillier de Saint André, Lunel, France, demonstrate how an artist has found his way from two to three dimensions, consistently developing abstract painting into space and taking the step to large sculptures.
The forth contribution in the book describes a team, i.e. the family of the Austrian Herbert Gahr, who works in his workshop in the city of Bischofshofen with his sons Stefan and Robert. The interplay of metal and colour in their works was the decisive factor that Peter Elgass seriously had to deal with four-colour print. This fact also applies for Werner Ende, stainless steel artist from the German town of Mönchengladbach. He follows today's trend because he uses his material to reflect nature in its various shades in the polished surfaces.
Next, Peter Vögele from the Bavarian town of Murnau, metal designer and artist blacksmith of the first order and of old school, has been in pure metal design along with his brother Franz and his nephew Markus for many years already.
And finally, Peter Schmitz from the German town of Hildesheim is a child of the first hour for HEPHAISTOS publishing company. The first article about him appeared in the very first edition of HEPHAISTOS, the international magazine for metal design, in 1992. "Metall Design International 2006" now finally presents what extremely modern projects he has produced over the years playing with metal and light, for example. Works of Peter Schmitz meanwhile can be found in collections of well known museums all over Germany.

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