Accessories Radiusmaster

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Bodenplatte für RadiusMaster base board for RadiusMaster
  Dimensions 625x460x8 mm made from steel, powder-coated, with 2 rolls for easy moving in the workshop
€185.21 *
Anbauplatte für Quertisch / Hohlschleifaufsatz Mounting plate
  for RadiusMaster for adjustable tool rest (672109) or hollow grinding jig (672110)
€57.51 *
Quertisch, verstellbar adjustable drive wheel tool rest
  for RadiusMaster Once the mounting plate (optional accessory #672108) is installed under motor base this adjustable tool rest can be...
€155.96 *
Hohlschleifaufsatz (ohne Anbauplatte) hollow grinding jig without mounting plate
  for RadiusMaster optional accessory: mounting plate #672108
€316.81 *
Hohlschleifaufsatz mit Anbauplatte hollow grinding jig with mounting plate
  for RadiusMaster
€369.45 *
Längsplantisch (Platen Table) Platen table for square edge grinding
  for RadiusMaster
€82.86 *
Absaugeinheit für RadiusMaster capture device for RadiusMaster
€164.74 *