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Bodenplatte für RadiusMaster base board for RadiusMaster
  Dimensions 625x460x8 mmmade from steel, powder-coated,with 2 rolls for easy moving in the workshop
€190.00 *
Anbauplatte für Quertisch / Hohlschleifaufsatz Mounting plate
  for RadiusMasterfor adjustable tool rest (672109) or hollow grinding jig (672110)
€59.00 *
Quertisch, verstellbar adjustable drive wheel tool rest
  for RadiusMasterOnce the mounting plate (optional accessory #672108) is installed under motor base this adjustable tool rest can be fitted...
€160.00 *
Hohlschleifaufsatz (ohne Anbauplatte) hollow grinding jig without mounting plate
  for RadiusMasteroptional accessory: mounting plate #672108
€325.00 *
Hohlschleifaufsatz mit Anbauplatte hollow grinding jig with mounting plate
  for RadiusMaster
€379.00 *
Längsplantisch (Platen Table) Platen table for square edge grinding
  for RadiusMaster
€89.00 *
Absaugeinheit für RadiusMaster capture device for RadiusMaster
€169.00 *
Verlängerungskabel Schuko (230V/1-ph), 5 m Extension cable
  Splash-proof coupling and plug,For permanent use outdoors as well as on construction and assembly sites
From €22.31 * €24.80 *