Forged Architectural Metalwork

Forged Architectural Metalwork
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Forged Architectural Metalwork Peter Parkinson 176 pages, 22 x 26 cm published in 2006...more
Forged Architectural Metalwork
Peter Parkinson
176 pages, 22 x 26 cm
published in 2006
hardback, 180 colour photographs 50 illustrations
Hot-forging iron - blacksmithing- is a craft that evokes a passion, yet demands commitment from practitioners because it is just too much like hard work to undertake lightly. In recent years it has grown and flourished, yet remains a unsung craft success story. Contemporary forged architectural metalwork can now be seen all over Britain, but the names of the makers are far less well known that those of people in other crafts.
Good architectural metalwork comes into its own as part of a particular building or space. A good gate, grille or balustrade looks so self-evidently right in its setting, that is origin seems almost beyond question.
Written by a leading artist blacksmith, and illustrated with one hundred and eighty photographs and fifty drawings by the author, Forged Architectural Metalwork discusses design, construction, finishing and installation; and describes the wide range of concerns and skills required by smiths working in the architectural field today.

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