Pre-assembly stud

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Pre-assembly stud    for stainless steel, brass M, aluminium unions    ...more

Pre-assembly stud M 12x1
for stainless steel, brass M, aluminium unions
The assembly socket is used to pre-assemble the clamping ring and the connecting nut onto the copper pipe.
This ensures proper assembly and protects the connections on the device itself.
Clamp the pre-assembly stud in a vise.
Screw on the nut connection.
Push the tube into the nut connection.
Tighten the union nut approx. 1 1/2 turns with an open ended spanner (mechanical stop).
Final assembly in the equipment approx. 1/4 turn.
Keep the flat metal surface clean.
Occasional lubrification of the thread and the flat metal surface facilitate pre-assembly.