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Forging Set 5

Schmiede Set 5
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  • Weight: 4.1 kg

Forging Set 5 "Forging Package Syntra" The set consists: 1x blacksmith's hammer 1.25 kg...more
Forging Set 5
"Forging Package Syntra"
The set consists:
1x blacksmith's hammer 1.25 kg Krenzer (541013)
1x wolf's jaw tong 500 mm (538050)
1x Centre Punch with carbide tip (518550.4)
1x raw piece for hammers 0,6 kg (518106)
1x All-writer with soapstone lead (617144)
1x soap stone spare leads (617146)
1x welders slate pencil, wood-coated (617126)
1x Blacksmith glove L, Size 9 (98101017)
1x metallic rule, 2 meter, black (550516)
1x brass wire brush (550116)
1x wire brush steel (550117)
Blacksmith's hammer 1,25 kg is the ideal standard hammer. The weight of the head is a good mean.
The ash handle fits comfortably in your hand.
The Wolf's jaw tong 500 can be used universally for flat, round and square workpieces. This tong is ideal for 12 mm workpieces, but you can also hold smaller and bigger ones.
Centre Punch with carbide tip 3. Length 120 mm, working edge with brazed, precision ground carbide tip.
Raw piece for hammers 0,6 kg, for own forging. Made of material C 45, for tempering in water. Easy to create your own split chissel or other tools.
All-writer with soapstone lead, made of durable brass material. 1 pcs lead holder with sharpener inside the push button, with soapstone lead, ø 5,6 mm, length 120 mm.
Soapstone lead for marking on metal and steel, welding and cutting up to 2.000 °C with a long lasting white, fireproof line, clearly visible even through welding goggles.
welders slate pencil, wood-coated. Single piece, with silver lead Pencil to mark any kind of surface even greasy, dirty or wet. Marks are resistant to torch flames and highly visible during welding.
Blacksmith glove L (Size 9) made of bend leather, cuff inside made of grey flame retardant fabric, seamed with KEVLAR® yarn.
metallic rule, 2 meter, black anodized cold hammered aluminium special alloy, section 1.4 mm thick,  height 14 mm, mm-graduation, Digits and scale deep etched.
brass wire brush, dimensions 285x33 mm. Best suited for cleaning or deburring.
Wire brush steel, dimensions 285x33 mm, Best suited for derusting, cleaning, deburring or deslagging.