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Non-ferrous metal

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Sondermessing CuZn21Si3 Würfel brass CuZn21Si3, cube 30x30x30 mm
brass CuZn21Si3, cube 30x30x30 mm perfect for casting
€21.00 *
ECOCAST ® Sondermessing Massel #Varinfo ECOCAST ® brass
ECOCAST ® brass Wieland-SW3, CuZn21Si3 ECOCAST ® brass is sold in bars with about 11 kg ECOCAST ® has been specially developed for casting. It has a very fine grain size of 20 - 30 µm in the cast condition already. This is achieved by...
Content 6.8 kilogramme (€13.02 * / 1 kilogramme)
From €88.52 *
Zinn Tin (Sn 99,9)
Tin (Sn 99,9) in pellets ~ 25 x 12 mm
€48.00 *