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Casting accessories

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Handfeger mit Holzgriff hand broom
hand broom
€3.00 *
Giesserei Erstausrüstung A1 initial equipment for foundry
initial equipment for foundry
€513.91 *
Formersieb ø 380 mm Sieve ø 380 mm
Sieve ø 380 mm for sieving moulding sand, frame reinforced made of galavanized steel, extra strong iron wire, mesh size 3 mm
€40.00 *
Spezialgranulat zur Reinigung von Al-Legierungen special granulate for Al-Si-cast-alloys
special granulate for Al-Si-cast-alloys easy binding of oxids in the slag addition 0,1%
€7.50 *
Formsand, ölgebunden special moulding sand, oil-bonded
special moulding sand, oil-bonded in bags of 25 kg Ready to use moulding sand - very fine grained for the production of contour sharp and very smooth surfaces for nearly all metals. Immediate casting after moulding without drying and...
Content 25 kilogramme (€1.56 * / 1 kilogramme)
€39.00 *
Talkum 500 g Talc powder, 500 g
Talc powder, 500 g
€6.00 *