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temperature indicating pen    with calibrated melting point The marking melts when...more

temperature indicating pen 843 °C
with calibrated melting point
The marking melts when the precise temperature grade is reached, this change from a dry to a liquid state indicates the temperature.
Tempilstik is a simple, easy-to-use temperature indicator which is guaranteed accurate to +/- 1% of the rated temperature. It is ideal for a wide range of applications from surface temperature measurement during metal working procedures such as heat treating and welding to the measurement of operating temperatures of bearings or motors.
How to use:
Stroke the work piece during heating. When the rated temperature has been reached a distinct melt (smear) will become evident. Tempilstik will make a mark by melting at the point of contact once the surface reaches the specific temperature of the Tempilstik.Note: The color of Tempilstik is for identification only and has no relation to its performance as a temperature indicator.Ranges are available in the Fahrenheit line from 100°F to 2,500°F and 40°C to 1,200°C in the Centigrade line.

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