Hofi-Hammer handforged

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  • Weight: 1.3 kg

Hofi-Hammer handforged designed and produced by Uri Hofi more

Hofi-Hammer handforged 1.1 kg
weight of hammer head 1.1 kg
designed and produced by Uri Hofi
Uri Hofi has further developed and optimized the classic hammer shape in his studies.
Ergonomic and less tiring forging is possible with this well-balanced hammer. The hammer head is firmly glued to the robinia handle. The elastic adhesive dampens the vibrations that occur during impact and protects the wrist.
The hand-forged models are made from tool steel C45 and are only available in limited numbers.
Uri Hofi learned the traditional forging technique from Alfred Habermann. On this basis and through further analyzes, he developed his own ergonomic forging techniques.

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