book: Metallgestaltung natürlich kreativ

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book: Metallgestaltung natürlich kreativ Wilhelm Häderle, Oskar und Andreas Hafen in...more
book: Metallgestaltung natürlich kreativ
Wilhelm Häderle, Oskar und Andreas Hafen
in german and english, 192 pages,
261 photographs in colour and black-and-white,
110 sketches and drawings,
format 25 x 29,7 cm, hardcover
The objective of the book by Häderle and Hafen is to instruct future generations of metal designers and artist blacksmiths, helping them find their way to independence through technical expertise, craftsmanship and creative power. By focusing on forging techniques, young people are to be well equipped to pursue their trade in a contemporary, seminal, valuable and sustainable manner. Once they internalise the content of the book, they will be able to convince customers through competence and creativity in the honesty of their trade. Last but not least, the artist blackmsmith and metal designer shall once again be called upon by the field of architecture when it comes to implementing unusual normalcy in metal.

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