book: Metall Design international 2002

Buch: Metall Design international 2002
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book: Metall Design international 2002 yearbook Verlag Hephaistos by Peter Elgass, bilingual...more
book: Metall Design international 2002
yearbook Verlag Hephaistos
by Peter Elgass,
bilingual german and english,
231 pages, black and white, many photos and drawings,
dimensions 21 x 29 cm

Most certainly there have been easier things in the last few years than selling good and honest metal design. The reason is not a lack of individual contemporary works, but rather the fact that the education of the customers with respect to taste has been neglected. It is not a lack of money to be able to afford "luxury", it lacks the courage to purchase and show to others something special. Years ago, there were trendsetters who wanted to be different than others intentionally. They wore different clothes, they heard different music, and they surrounded themselves with new and unusual things. They did not "fit" into the anonymous mass. They were "nonconformist". If they found followers, a new trend was born. HEPHAISTOS presentS: Hans-Ueli Baumgartner (CH), Simon Benetton (I), Manfred Bergmeister (D), Helmut Brummer (D), Phil Johnson & Team (Scotland), Risto Immonen (SF), Ulrich Schmied (D).

language: bilingual D-GB

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