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SPH 60 air-hammer
[664002 b]
Price unit: EURO per pcs 13.363,70 EUR incl. VAT
11.230,00 EUR excl. VAT
by SAY-MAK, ram weight 60 kg;
anvil weight 300 kg,
max. clearance 220 mm, horiz. clearance 300 mm,
number of strokes 220 strokes/min,
electric power 7,5 kW,
three-phase 3 x 400 Volt,
total weight 1300 kg,
length 1700 mm,
width over all 740 mm,
height over all 1640 mm,
equipped with 1 pair of dies
weight with packing material [kg] : 1300.00
HINT  Please note, that we have to charge extra costs for transportation for this product.
We will send you a revised order confirmation. [more information]

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